The Contents of the Book 책의 목차 4부(120-196편)

The Contents of the Book 책의 목차 4부(120-196편)

  • PART IV.
    The Life and Teachings of Jesus 4부 예수님의 생애와 가르침들
  1. The Bestowal of Michael on Urantia 유란시아에서 미가엘의 증여
    1. The Seventh Bestowal Commission
    2. The Bestowal Limitations
    3. Further Counsel and Advice
    4. The Incarnation — Making Two One
  2. The Times of Michael’s Bestowal 미가엘이 증여된 시기
    1. The Occident of the First Century After Christ
    2. The Jewish People
    3. Among the Gentiles
    4. Gentile Philosophy
    (1) The Epicurean

    (2) The Stoic
    (3) The Cynic
    (4) The Skeptic
    5. The Gentile Religions
    The mystery religions

    6. The Hebrew Religion
    7. Jews and Gentiles
    8. Previous Written Records
    (1) The Gospel by Mark
    (2) The Gospel of Matthew

    (3) The Gospel by Luke
    (4) The Gospel of John

  3. Birth and Infancy of Jesus 예수님의 탄생과 유아(幼兒)
    1. Joseph and Mary
    2. Gabriel Appears to Elizabeth
    3. Gabriel’s Announcement to Mary
    4. Joseph’s Dream
    The “house of David”

    5. Jesus’ Earth Parents
    6. The Home at Nazareth
    7. The Trip to Bethlehem
    8. The Birth of Jesus
    The legend of the shepherds

    The three priests from Ur
    The “Star of Bethlehem”
    9. The Presentation in the Temple
    10. Herod Acts
    The flight to Egypt
  4. The Early Childhood of Jesus 예수님의 초기 유년(幼年)
    The Sojourn in Egypt

    1. Back in Nazareth
    Jesus’ fourth year

    2. The Fifth Year (2 B.C.)
    Child rearing

    3. Events of the Sixth Year (1 B.C.)
    4. The Seventh Year (A.D. 1)
    Material accidents

    5. School Days in Nazareth
    6. His Eighth Year (A.D. 2)
  5. The Later Childhood of Jesus 예수님의 후기 유년(幼年)
    1. Jesus’ Ninth Year (A.D. 3)
    The picture on the floor

    Climate in Galilee
    2. The Tenth Year (A.D. 4)
    Jacob the stone mason’s son

    3. The Eleventh Year (A.D. 5)
    The Scythopolis episode

    4. The Twelfth Year (A.D. 6)
    Personal morality and group loyalty

    5. His Thirteenth Year (A.D. 7)
    6. The Journey to Jerusalem
    Mary, Martha, and Lazarus
  6. Jesus at Jerusalem 예루살렘에 있는 예수님
    1. Jesus Views the Temple
    2. Jesus and the Passover
    3. Departure of Joseph and Mary
    4. First and Second Days in the Temple
    5. The Third Day in the Temple
    6. The Fourth Day in the Temple
  7. The Two Crucial Years 쓰라린 2 년
    1. His Fourteenth Year (A.D. 8)
    2. The Death of Joseph
    3. The Fifteenth Year (A.D. 9)
    Origin of “The Lord’s Prayer”

    The “Son of Man”
    Who is the Messiah?
    4. First Sermon in the Synagogue
    5. The Financial Struggle
  8. The Adolescent Years 청년 시절
    1. The Sixteenth Year (A.D. 10)
    2. The Seventeenth Year (A.D. 11)
    The Zealot episode

    3. The Eighteenth Year (A.D. 12)
    With James at the Passover

    Visit of Elizabeth and John
    Death of Amos
    4. The Nineteenth Year (A.D. 13)
    Rearing the children

    5. Rebecca, the Daughter of Ezra
    6. His Twentieth Year (A.D. 14)
    Passover visit to Jerusalem
  9. Jesus’ Early Manhood 예수님의 초기 성년(成年)
    1. The Twenty-First Year (A.D. 15)
    Growing awareness of divinity

    With Joseph at the Passover
    2. The Twenty-Second Year (A.D. 16)
    As a smith at Sepphoris

    3. The Twenty-Third Year (A.D. 17)
    With Simon at the Passover

    Jesus meets Stephen
    4. The Damascus Episode
    5. The Twenty-Fourth Year (A.D. 18)
    The Alexandrian proposal

    6. The Twenty-Fifth Year (A.D. 19)
    With Jude at the Passover

    “Uncle Joshua tell us a story”
    7. The Twenty-Sixth Year (A.D. 20)
    James’ marriage

    Miriam’s marriage
    James head of the family of Joseph
  10. The Later Adult Life of Jesus 예수님의 후기 성년(成年) 생활
    1. The Twenty-Seventh Year (A.D. 21)
    Zebedee of Capernaum

    Jesus the boatbuilder
    2. The Twenty-Eighth Year (A.D. 22)
    Jesus visits Jerusalem

    Meeting Gonod and Ganid
    3. The Twenty-Ninth Year (A.D. 23)
    Purpose of the trip to Rome

    4. The Human Jesus
  11. On the Way to Rome 로마로 가는 도중에
    1. At Joppa — Discourse on Jonah
    Discussion of good and evil

    2. At Caesarea
    The merchant from Mongolia

    The Greek worker and the Roman foreman
    God’s will and man’s will
    3. At Alexandria
    4. Discourse on Reality
    5. On the Island of Crete
    6. The Young Man Who Was Afraid
    7. At Carthage — Discourse on Time and Space
    8. On the Way to Naples and Rome
    Ezra, the backslidden Jew
  12. The World’s Religions 세계의 종교들
    1. Cynicism
    2. Judaism
    3. Buddhism
    4. Hinduism
    5. Zoroastrianism
    6. Suduanism (Jainism)
    7. Shinto
    8. Taoism
    9. Confucianism
    10. “Our Religion”
  13. The Sojourn at Rome 로마 체류(滯留) 기간
    Influence on thirty-two religious leaders

    1. True Values
    2. Good and Evil
    3. Truth and Faith
    4. Personal Ministry
    To the Roman senator

    To the Roman soldier
    To the speaker at the forum
    To the poor man, falsely accused
    5. Counseling the Rich Man
    6. Social Ministry
    7. Trips About Rome
    The thoughtless pagan

    “Let’s you and I make a new religion.”
  14. The Return from Rome 로마에서 돌아옴
    India’s caste system 인도의 특권계급 제도

    1. Mercy and Justice 자비와 정의(正義)
    2. Embarking at Tarentum 타렌툼에서 배에 오르심
    The man mistreating his wife 아내를 학대하는 남성

    3. At Corinth 고린도에서
    Crispus, chief ruler of the synagogue 회당장(會堂長) 크리스보

    Justus, the merchant 상인(商人) 유스도
    The two public women 두 매춘부
    4. Personal Work in Corinth 고린도에서 개인적 활동
    To the miller 제분업(製粉業)자에게

    To the Roman centurion 로마 백부장에게
    To the Mithraic leader 미트라(신비주의 계통)교 지도자에게
    To the Epicurean teacher 에피크로스(쾌락주의) 학파 교사에게
    To the Greek contractor 그리스 건축 도급자에게
    To the Roman judge 로마의 법관에게
    To the mistress of the Greek inn 그리스 숙박소의 여주인에게
    To the Chinese merchant 중국 상인에게
    To the traveler from Britain 영국에서 온 여행자에게
    To the runaway lad 가출 소년에게
    To the condemned criminal 사형수에게
    5. At Athens — Discourse on Science 아테네에서 – 과학에 관한 논의
    6. At Ephesus — Discourse on the Soul 에베소에서 – 혼에 대한 강론
    7. The Sojourn at Cyprus — Discourse on Mind 키프로스에 체류 -마음에 대한 강연
    8. At Antioch 안디옥에서
    9. In Mesopotamia 메소포타미아에서
  15. The Transition Years 과도기(過渡期) 시절
    1. The Thirtieth Year (A.D. 24) 30세 되던 해 (서기 24년)
    Return to Nazareth 나사렛으로 돌아오심

    Marriage of Simon; marriage of Jude 시몬의 결혼; 유다의 결혼
    2. The Caravan Trip to the Caspian 카스피까지 간 대상(隊商카라반) 여행
    3. The Urmia Lectures 우르미아 강연
    4. Sovereignty — Divine and Human 주권 – 신적인 것과 인간적인 것
    5. Political Sovereignty 정치적 주권
    6. Law, Liberty, and Sovereignty 법, 자유 및 주권
    7. The Thirty-First Year (A.D. 25) 31세 되던 해 (서기 25년)
    Solitary wanderings 단독 여행

    8. The Sojourn on Mount Hermon 헤르몬 산에서 체류함
    End of the Lucifer Rebellion 루시퍼 반란의 종말

    The sovereignty of Nebadon 네바돈의 주권
    9. The Time of Waiting 기다리는 시간
    Visit with John at Jerusalem 요한과 예루살렘에 들르다

    Working in Zebedee’s boatshop  세베대의 선박(船舶)제작소에서 작업
  16. John the Baptist 세례(洗禮) 요한
    1. John Becomes a Nazarite 나실인이 된 요한
    2. The Death of Zacharias 사가랴의 죽음
    3. The Life of a Shepherd 목자의 생활
    4. The Death of Elizabeth 엘리자벳의 죽음
    5. The Kingdom of God 하나님의 나라
    6. John Begins to Preach 요한이 설교를 시작하다
    7. John Journeys North 요한이 북쪽으로 여행하다
    8. Meeting of Jesus and John 예수님과 요한의 만남
    Baptism of Jesus 예수님의 세례

    9. Forty Days of Preaching 40일간의 설교
    10. John Journeys South 요한이 남쪽으로 여행가다
    11. John in Prison 감옥에 갇힌 요한
    12. Death of John the Baptist 세례 요한의 죽음
  17. Baptism and the Forty Days 세례와 40일
    1. Concepts of the Expected Messiah 기대하던 메시아 개념들
    2. The Baptism of Jesus 예수님의 세례
    3. The Forty Days 40일
    Conference with Gabriel 가브리엘과 회담

    Completion of universe sovereignty 우주 주권의 완성
    4. Plans for Public Work 공(公)사역 계획
    The Father’s way 아버지의 길

    5. The First Great Decision 첫 번째 중대한 결정
    Personalized Adjuster in command 고유성화 조율자 사령관

    Insensitivity of Adjuster to time 시간에 대한 조율자의 불감(不感)성
    6. The Second Decision 두 번째 결정
    The path of normal earthly existence 지상 존재의 정상적 경로

    7. The Third Decision 세 번째 결정
    Obedience to natural law 자연법칙을 준수함

    8. The Fourth Decision 네 번째 결정
    Refusal to compromise with evil 악과 타협 거부

    9. The Fifth Decision 다섯 번째 결정
    Rejection of David’s throne 다윗의 왕좌 거절

    10. The Sixth Decision 여섯 번째 결정
    “I will be subject to the will of my Father.” “나는 내 아버지의 뜻에 복종하리라.”
  18.  Tarrying Time in Galilee 갈릴리에 머무른 기간
    1. Choosing the First Four Apostles 첫 번째 네 명의 제자를 택함
    Andrew and Peter 안드레와 베드로

    James and John 야고보와 요한
    2. Choosing Philip and Nathaniel 빌립과 나다니엘을 택함
    3. The Visit to Capernaum 가버나움 방문
    4. The Wedding at Cana 가나의 결혼식
    5. Back in Capernaum 가버나움으로 돌아옴
    6. The Events of a Sabbath Day 안식일에 일어난 사건들
    7. Four Months of Training 4개월의 훈련
    8. Sermon on the Kingdom 하나님 나라에 대한 설교
  19. Training the Kingdom’s Messengers 하나님 나라 메신저들의 훈련
    1. Final Instructions 최종적 지시들
    2. Choosing the Six 여섯 명 선택
    3. The Call of Matthew and Simon 마태와 시몬을 부르심
    Not the righteous but sinners 의인들이 아니라 죄인들

    4. The Call of the Twins 쌍둥이 형제를 부르심
    5. The Call of Thomas and Judas 도마와 유다를 부르심
    6. The Week of Intensive Training 집중적인 훈련의 주간
    7. Another Disappointment 또 한번의 실망
    8. First Work of the Twelve 12사도들의 첫 번째 활동
    9. Five Months of Testing 5개월 동안의 시간
    10. Organization of the Twelve 12사도들의 조직
  20. The Twelve Apostles 12 사도들
    1. Andrew, the First Chosen 첫 번째로 선택된 안드레
    2. Simon Peter 시몬 베드로
    3. James Zebedee 야고보 세베대
    4. John Zebedee 요한 세베대
    5. Philip the Curious 호기심 많은 빌립
    6. Honest Nathaniel 정직한 나다니엘
    7. Matthew Levi 마태 레위
    8. Thomas Didymus 도마 디디머스
    9. and 10. James and Judas Alpheus 야고보와 유다 알패오
    11. Simon the Zealot 열심당원 시몬
    12. Judas Iscariot 가룟 유다
  21. The Ordination of the Twelve 12 사도의 임직(任職)
    1. Preliminary Instruction 예비 교육
    2. The Ordination 임직
    3. The Ordination Sermon 임직 설교
    The “Sermon on the Mount” “산상 설교”

    4. You Are the Salt of the Earth 너희는 세상의 소금이라
    5. Fatherly and Brotherly Love 아버지와 형제의 사랑
    Happy are the poor in spirit — the humble… 영이 가난하고 겸손한 자는 행복하도다

    Happy are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness… 공의(公義)에 주리고 목마른 자는 행복하도다
    Happy are the meek… 온유한 자는 행복하도다
    Happy are the pure in heart… 심정이 청결한 자는 행복하도다
    Happy are they who mourn… 애통하는 자는 행복하도다
    Happy are the merciful… 긍휼이 여기는 자는 행복하도다
    Happy are the peacemakers… 화평하게 하는 자(분쟁 조정자)는 행복하도다
    Happy are they who are persecuted… 핍박을 받는 자는 행복하도다
    6. The Evening of the Ordination 성직 임명일 저녁
    “I look beyond the act…” “나는 행위 너머를 보느니라.”

    Concerning divorcement 이혼에 관하여
    Justice and mercy 정의(正義)와 자비
    “They do well — trouble them not.” “그들은 잘하고 있으니 – 그냥 두어라.”
    7. The Week Following the Ordination 성직 임명 다음 주간
    8. Thursday Afternoon on the Lake 목요일 오후 호수에서
    (1) Doing the Father’s Will 아버지의 뜻을 행함

    (2) Political attitude 정치적 태도
    (3) Social attitude 사회적 태도
    (4) Economic attitude 경제적 태도
    (5) Personal religion 개인적 종교
    9. The Day of Consecration 성직 봉헌(奉獻)일
    10. The Evening After the Consecration 봉헌일 저녁
  22. Beginning the Public Work 공(公) 사역의 시작
    1. Leaving Galilee 갈릴리를 떠남
    2. God’s Law and the Father’s Will 하나님의 율법과 아버지의 뜻
    3. The Sojourn at Amathus 아마투스에 머무름
    Jesus’ personality 예수님의 고유성

    Jesus’ appearance 예수님의 풍모(風貌)
    4. Teaching About the Father 아버지에 대한 가르침
    Minister to the sick 병든 자를 보살피는 성직자

    5. Spiritual Unity 영적 통일
    6. Last Week at Amathus 아마투스에서 마지막 주간(週間)
    Teherma the Persian 페르시아인 테헤르마

    7. At Bethany Beyond Jordan 요단강 건너 베다니에서
    Teaching about the kingdom 하나님 나라에 대한 가르침

    Salvation by faith; liberty through truth 신앙으로 얻는 구원; 진리를 통한 해방
    8. Working in Jericho 여리고에서 활동함
    9. Departing for Jerusalem 예루살렘으로 출발
  23. The Passover at Jerusalem 예루살렘에서 맞이한 유월절(逾越節)
    Visit to Annas 안나스를 방문함

    1. Teaching in the Temple 성전에서 가르침
    2. God’s Wrath 하나님의 진노
    Jacob of Crete 크레테의 야곱

    3. The Concept of God 하나님 개념
    Six Hebrew concepts of God 히브리인의 6가지 하나님 개념들

    The earlier ten commandments 초기 십계명(十誡命)
    4. Flavius and Greek Culture 플라비우스와 그리스(헬라) 문화
    5. The Discourse on Assurance 확신에 대한 강연(講演)
    6. The Visit with Nicodemus 니고데모와 대화함
    7. The Lesson on the Family 가족에 대한 교훈
    8. In Southern Judea 남부 유대에서
    The camp in Gethsemane Park 겟세마네 공원에서 야영함
  24. Going Through Samaria 사마리아를 통과(通過거쳐 지나감)
    1. Preaching at Archelais 아켈라이스에서 전도함
    “They made light of our message.” “그들은 우리 메시지를 가볍게 여겼습니다.”

    “Do you resemble weaklings?” “너희가 약한 자들을 닮았느냐?”
    2. Lesson on Self-Mastery 자아-통달(정복)에 대한 교훈
    3. Diversion and Relaxation 기분전환과 긴장완화
    Three days on Mount Sartaba 사르타바 산에서 보낸 3일

    4. The Jews and the Samaritans 유대인과 사마리아인
    5. The Woman of Sychar 시카의 여인
    6. The Samaritan Revival 사마리아의 부흥
    In camp on Mount Gerizim 게리짐 산에서 야영함

    7. Teachings About Prayer and Worship 기도와 경배에 대한 교훈들
  25. At Gilboa and in the Decapolis 길보아와 데카폴리스에서
    1. The Gilboa Encampment 길보아 야영
    2. The Discourse on Prayer 기도에 대한 강연
    3. The Believer’s Prayer 믿는 자의 기도
    4. More About Prayer 기도에 대한 추가 교훈
    5. Other Forms of Prayer 다른 형태의 기도
    Seven prayers from other worlds 다른 세계들의 일곱 기도문

    6. Conference with John’s Apostles 요한의 사도들과 개최한 회의(會議)
    7. In the Decapolis Cities 데카폴리스의 도시들에서
    8. In Camp Near Pella 펠라 근처 야영지에서
    “…tell John that he is not forgotten.” “그를 잊지 않고 있다고 요한에게 전하라.”

    9. Death of John the Baptist 세례 요한의 죽음
  26. Four Eventful Days at Capernaum 다사(多事)한 가버나움의 4일간
    Visit with Ruth 룻의 방문

    1. The Draught of Fishes 어획량(漁獲量 잡은 물고기의 량)
    2. Afternoon at the Synagogue 오후에 회당에서
    Religion is a personal experience 종교는 고유적 체험

    The young epileptic 젊은 뇌전증(간질) 환자
    Peter’s wife’s mother 베드로 아내의 모친
    3. The Healing at Sundown 일몰(日沒해질녁)의 치유
    4. The Evening After 그날 저녁 이후
    5. Early Sunday Morning 일요일 이른 아침에
  27. First Preaching Tour of Galilee 갈릴리의 첫 전도 여행
    1. Preaching at Rimmon 림몬에서 전도함
    2. At Jotapata 요타파타에서
    Prayer, thanksgiving, and worship 기도, 감사 및 경배

    Justice and mercy 정의(正義)와 자비
    Prayer and personal effort 기도와 개인적 노력
    Ethical prayer 윤리적 기도
    3. The Stop at Ramah 라마에 들르심
    Religion, science, and philosophy 종교, 과학 및 철학
    The assurance of truth 진리의 확신
    The visit at Zebulum 스불론 방문
    4. The Gospel at Iron 이론에서 복음 전도
    Work in the mines 광산(鑛山)에서 일하심

    Healing the leprous man 나병환자를 치유하심
    5. Back in Cana 가나로 돌아옴
    Titus the nobleman 귀인(貴人) 타이투스

    6. Nain and the Widow’s Son 나인과 과부의 아들
    7. At Endor 엔도르에서
  28. The Interlude Visit to Jerusalem 막간(幕間)의 예루살렘 방문
    1. The Centurion’s Servant 백부장의 하인
    2. The Journey to Jerusalem 예루살렘 여행
    Separation from John’s apostles 요한의 사도들과 분리

    3. At the Pool of Bethesda 베데스다 물웅덩이에서
    4. The Rule of Living 생활규칙
    Nathaniel’s question about the golden rule 황금률(黃金律)에 대한 나다니엘의 질문

    5. Visiting Simon the Pharisee 바리새인 시몬을 방문하다
    Parable of the moneylender 대금업자(貸金業者)의 비유

    Status and progress 신분(身分자격)과 진보(進步)
    6. Returning to Capernaum 가버나움으로 돌아옴
    The six spies 여섯 첩자들

    “The Sabbath was made for man…” “안식일은 사람을 위해 만들어졌느니라… “
    7. Back in Capernaum 가버나움으로 되돌아옴
    8. The Feast of Spiritual Goodness 영적 선(善)의 잔치
  29. Training Evangelists at Bethsaida 벳새다에서 전도자들 훈련
    1. A New School of the Prophets 새 선지자들 학교
    2. The Bethsaida Hospital 벳새다 병원
    3. The Father’s Business 아버지의 사업
    4. Evil, Sin, and Iniquity 악(惡), 죄(罪) 및 사악(肆惡)
    5. The Purpose of Affliction 고통의 목적
    6. The Misunderstanding of Suffering — Discourse on Job 고통에 대한 오해─욥에 대한 강연
    7. The Man with the Withered Hand 손 마른 사람
    8. Last Week at Bethsaida 벳새다에서 마지막 주간
    Kirmeth of Bagdad 바그다드의 커르메스

    9. Healing the Paralytic 중풍병자의 치유
    Baptism of three of the spies 세 첩자들의 세례
  30. The Second Preaching Tour 두 번째 전도 여행
    David’s intelligence organization 다윗의 정보 조직체

    1. The Widespread Fame of Jesus 널리 퍼진 예수님의 명성
    The healing phenomena 치유 현상

    2. Attitude of the People 사람들의 태도
    Two mistakes of early Christianity 초기 기독교의 2가지 실수

    Jesus’ fame as a healer 치유자 예수님의 명성
    His recognition of the equality of women 여성에 대한 예수님의 동등성 인식
    Charm of his personality 매력있는 예수님의 고유성
    3. Hostility of the Religious Leaders 종교 지도자들의 적개심
    4. Progress of the Preaching Tour 전도 여행의 진전
    Comments on anger 분노에 대한 논평

    Concerning well-balanced characters 잘 균형 잡힌 성품에 관하여
    5. Lesson Regarding Contentment 만족에 대한 교훈
    6. The “Fear of the Lord” “주(主)를 두려워함”
    7. Returning to Bethsaida 벳새다로 돌아옴
  31. The Third Preaching Tour 세 번째 전도 여행
    1. The Women’s Evangelistic Corps 여전도단(女傳道團) 
    2. The Stop at Magdala 막달라에 잠시 들르다
    3. Sabbath at Tiberias 티베리아스에서 맞은 안식일
    Discourse on “Magic and Superstition” “마술과 미신”에 대한 강연

    4. Sending the Apostles Out Two and Two 사도들을 둘씩 파송함
    5. What Must I Do to Be Saved? 내가 무엇을 해야 구원을 받는지요?
    6. The Evening Lessons 저녁 수업
    7. The Sojourn at Nazareth 나사렛에 머무름
    8. The Sabbath Service 안식일 예배
    9. The Nazareth Rejection 나사렛의 배척
  32. Tarrying and Teaching by the Seaside 바닷가에 머물러 가르침
    1. The Parable of the Sower 씨 뿌리는 자의 비유
    2. Interpretation of the Parable 비유의 해석
    3. More About Parables 비유에 대한 추가 정보
    4. More Parables by the Sea 해변의 더 많은 비유들
    5. The Visit to Kheresa 케레사를 방문하다
    The storm on the lake 호수의 폭풍우

    6. The Kheresa Lunatic 케레사의 미치광이
  33. Events Leading up to the Capernaum Crisis 가버나움 위기로 이끈 사건들
    Veronica of Caesarea-Philippi 케사리아-필립피의 베로니카

    1. At Jairus’s House 야이러스의 집에서
    2. Feeding the Five Thousand 5,000명을 먹이다
    3. The King-Making Episode 왕-추대 일화(逸話)

    4. Simon Peter’s Night Vision 시몬 베드로의 밤 환상
    5. Back in Bethsaida 벳새다로 돌아옴
    6. At Gennesaret 게네사렛에서
    More about the parable of the sower 씨 뿌리는 자의 비유에 대한 추가 

    7. At Jerusalem 예루살렘에서
  34. The Crisis at Capernaum 가버나움에서 겪은 위기
    1. The Setting of the Stage 무대의 배경
    2. The Epochal Sermon 획기적 설교
    “I am the bread of life.” “나는 생명의 빵이라.”

    3. The After Meeting 모임 후
    4. Last Words in the Synagogue 회당에서 하신 마지막 말씀
    The boy possessed by the evil spirit 악령 들린 소년

    “How can Satan cast out Satan?” “어떻게 사탄이 사탄을 쫓아낼 수 있느냐?”
    5. The Saturday Evening 토요일 밤
    Desertion of the halfhearted followers 성의 없는 추종자들의 저버림
  35. Last Days at Capernaum 가버나움에서 지낸 마지막 며칠
    1. A Week of Counsel 한 주간의 회의
    2. A Week of Rest 한 주간의 휴식
    Closing of the synagogues 회당들의 폐쇄

    3. The Second Tiberias Conference 두 번째 티베리아스 회의
    4. Saturday Night in Capernaum 토요일 밤 가버나움에서
    “What shall we do with Jesus?” “우리는 예수님을 어떻게 할 것인가?”

    5. The Eventful Sunday Morning 파란(波瀾) 많은 일요일 아침
    6. Jesus’ Family Arrives 예수님의 가족이 도착하다
    7. The Hasty Flight
    황급(遑急)한 도피
  36. Fleeing Through Northern Galilee 북(北) 갈릴리를 거쳐 도피함
    1. Why Do the Heathen Rage? 왜 이교도(異敎徒)가 분노하는가?

    2. The Evangelists in Chorazin 코라진의 전도자들
    3. At Caesarea-Philippi 가이사랴-빌립보에서
    Truth and creed 진리와 신조(信條)

    Origin of religious traditions 종교적 전통의 기원
    4. On the Way to Phoenicia 페니키아로 가는 길
    5. The Discourse on True Religion 참 종교에 대한 강론
    6. The Second Discourse on Religion 두 번째 종교 강론
  37. The Sojourn at Tyre and Sidon 티레와 시돈에서 체류(滯留)
    1. The Syrian Woman 시리아 여성
    2. Teaching in Sidon 시돈에서 가르침
    “This world is only a bridge…”

    3. The Journey up the Coast
    4. At Tyre
    5. Jesus’ Teaching at Tyre
    Parable of the foolish carpenter

    Temptation and human nature
    The essentials of material success
    Spiritual living and self-respect
    Ideals and ideas
    Tact, charm, and wisdom
    6. The Return from Phoenicia
    Attitude of the Jewish leaders
  38. At Caesarea-Philippi 케자리아-필립피에서
    Jesus attempts to see his family

    1. The Temple-Tax Collector
    “The fish with a shekel in his mouth.”

    2. At Bethsaida-Julias
    3. Peter’s Confession
    “Who do men say that I am?”

    4. The Talk About the Kingdom
    5. The New Concept
    6. The Next Afternoon
    The four stages of Jesus’ life

    New authoritative pronouncements
    7. Andrew’s Conference
  39. The Mount of Transfiguration 변모(變貌)의 산
    1. The Transfiguration
    2. Coming Down the Mountain
    3. Meaning of the Transfiguration
    4. The Epileptic Boy
    James of Safed

    5. Jesus Heals the Boy
    “Lord I believe…help my unbelief.”

    6. In Celsus’ Garden
    7. Peter’s Protest
    8. At Peter’s House
  40. The Decapolis Tour 데카폴리스 여행
    1. The Sermon on Forgiveness
    “How often shall my brother sin against me?”

    Parable of the reckoning with the stewards
    Dangers of personal judgment
    2. The Strange Preacher
    3. Instruction for Teachers and Believers
    4. The Talk with Nathaniel
    “What is the truth about the scriptures?”

    5. The Positive Nature of Jesus’ Religion
    “…carry the pack a second mile.”

    6. The Return to Magadan
  41. Rodan of Alexandria 알렉산드리아의 로단
    1. Rodan’s Greek Philosophy
    The three drives of life

    Problem solving and worshipful meditation
    Prejudice and the recognition of truth
    2. The Art of Living
    Socializing value of friendship

    The great value of marriage
    3. The Lures of Maturity
    4. The Balance of Maturity
    Essentials of temporal life

    Factors of material success
    The meaning of failure
    5. The Religion of the Ideal
    What is religion?

    The idea of God and the ideal of God
    The Father is the final value
    “But are we willing to pay the price…?”
  42. Further Discussions with Rodan 로단과 추가적 토론
    1. The Personality of God
    Nathaniel’s five points

    2. The Divine Nature of Jesus
    Discourse by Nathaniel and Thomas

    3. Jesus’ Human and Divine Minds
    The midwayers’ views
  43. At the Feast of Tabernacles 장막절(帳幕節)
    “Master…bid fire come down from heaven…”

    1. The Dangers of the Visit to Jerusalem
    2. The First Temple Talk
    Eber the officer of the Sanhedrin

    3. The Woman Taken in Adultery
    4. The Feast of Tabernacles
    5. Sermon on the Light of the World
    6. Discourse on the Water of Life
    7. The Discourse on Spiritual Freedom
    8. The Visit with Martha and Mary
    9. At Bethlehem with Abner
  44. Ordination of the Seventy at Magadan 마가단에서 70인 임직(任職)
    1. Ordination of the Seventy
    The harvest is plenteous but the laborers are few

    2. The Rich Young Man and Others
    Riches and the love of wealth

    3. The Discussion About Wealth
    Parable of the laborers in the vineyard

    4. Farewell to the Seventy
    Jesus’ instructions

    Peter’s ordination sermon
    5. Moving the Camp to Pella
    6. The Return of the Seventy
    7. Preparation for the Last Mission
  45. At the Feast of Dedication 봉헌(奉獻)절에
    1. Story of the Good Samaritan
    2. At Jerusalem
    3. Healing the Blind Beggar
    4. Josiah Before the Sanhedrin
    5. Teaching in Solomon’s Porch
  46. The Perean Mission Begins 페레아 사명 시작
    1. At the Pella Camp
    2. Sermon on the Good Shepherd
    3. Sabbath Sermon at Pella
    “Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees…”

    “…the very hairs of your head are numbered”
    4. Dividing the Inheritance
    Parable of the foolish rich man

    “Where your treasure is there will your heart be also.”
    “What shall it profit if you gain the whole world…?”
    5. Talks to the Apostles on Wealth
    “Consider the lilies, how they grow…”

    6. Answer to Peter’s Question
  47. Last Visit to Northern Perea 마지막 북(北) 페레아 방문
    1. The Pharisees at Ragaba
    Ceremonial hand washing

    2. The Ten Lepers
    3. The Sermon at Gerasa
    The straight and narrow way

    Many who are first will be last
    “I stand at the door and knock…”
    4. Teaching About Accidents
    5. The Congregation at Philadelphia
    The later ministry and death of Abner
  48. The Visit to Philadelphia 필라델피아 방문
    1. Breakfast with the Pharisees
    Healing the believer

    “…sit not down in the chief seat…”
    2. Parable of the Great Supper
    3. The Woman with the Spirit of Infirmity
    4. The Message from Bethany
    5. On the Way to Bethany
    The Pharisee and the publican

    Teaching about marriage
    6. Blessing the Little Children
    Beauty as an influence to worship

    7. The Talk About Angels
  49. The Resurrection of Lazarus 나사로의 부활
    “I am the resurrection and the life…”

    1. At the Tomb of Lazarus
    2. The Resurrection of Lazarus
    3. Meeting of the Sanhedrin
    “It is better that one man die…”

    4. The Answer to Prayer
    5. What Became of Lazarus
  50. Last Teaching at Pella 펠라에서 마지막 가르침
    The Sanhedrin’s charges against Jesus

    1. Parable of the Lost Son
    2. Parable of the Shrewd Steward
    3. The Rich Man and the Beggar
    4. The Father and His Kingdom
    Jesus lived a revelation of God
    Elohim and Yahweh
  51. The Kingdom of Heaven 하늘나라
    1. Concepts of the Kingdom of Heaven
    2. Jesus’ Concept of the Kingdom
    Sin and forgiveness

    3. In Relation to Righteousness
    4. Jesus’ Teaching About the Kingdom
    5. Later Ideas of the Kingdom
    Social brotherhood and spiritual brotherhood

    Another and greater John the Baptist
    Christianity and the Jesus gospel
  52. On the Way to Jerusalem 예루살렘으로 가는 도중
    “…promise me that these my sons shall have honor…”

    1. The Departure from Pella
    David Zebedee’s later life

    Antioch and Philadelphia
    2. On Counting the Cost
    3. The Perean Tour
    Farewell to Abner

    4. Teaching at Livias
    Peter and Simon and the 100 swords

    Warning of the friendly Pharisees
    5. The Blind Man at Jericho
    6. The Visit to Zaccheus
    7. “As Jesus Passed By”
    8. Parable of the Pounds
    Nathaniel’s interpretation of the parable
  53. Going into Jerusalem 예루살렘으로 들어감
    1. Sabbath at Bethany
    Mary anoints Jesus’ feet

    Jesus rebukes Judas
    2. Sunday Morning with the Apostles
    3. The Start for Jerusalem
    4. Visiting About the Temple
    The widow’s mite

    5. The Apostles’ Attitude
  54. Monday in Jerusalem 월요일 예루살렘에서
    1. Cleansing the Temple
    2. Challenging the Master’s Authority
    “The baptism of John, whence was it?”

    3. Parable of the Two Sons
    4. Parable of the Absent Landlord
    The stone which the builders rejected

    5. Parable of the Marriage Feast
    “Destroy this temple and …I will raise it up.”
  55. Tuesday Morning in the Temple 화요일 아침 성전에서
    Individual salutations to the twelve

    1. Divine Forgiveness
    2. Questions by the Jewish Rulers
    Is it lawful to give tribute to Caesar?

    3. The Sadducees and the Resurrection
    4. The Great Commandment
    The Deliverer, whose son is he?

    5. The Inquiring Greeks
    “…except a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies…”

    “…if I be lifted up…in your lives…”
  56. The Last Temple Discourse 마지막 성전 강화(講話)
    1. The Discourse
    “Generation after generation have we sent our prophets…”

    “…he who would be greatest among you…”
    “Woe upon you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!”
    “…you…cleanse the outside of the cup…”
    “And now I take leave of you.”
    2. Status of Individual Jews
    3. The Fateful Sanhedrin Meeting
    4. The Situation in Jerusalem
    Judas’ final decision
  57. Tuesday Evening on Mount Olivet 화요일 저녁 올리브 산에서
    1. The Destruction of Jerusalem
    2. The Master’s Second Coming
    The account in the Matthew Gospel

    3. Later Discussion at the Camp
    Parable of the talents

    “Carry on until I come.”
    Comments on the growth of living truth
    4. The Return of Michael
  58. Wednesday, the Rest Day 수요일, 휴일(休日)
    1. One Day Alone with God
    John Mark and the lunch basket

    2. Early Home Life
    3. The Day at Camp
    4. Judas and the Chief Priests
    5. The Last Social Hour
    Beware of the support of the multitude
  59. Last Day at the Camp 야영지에서 마지막 날
    1. Discourse on Sonship and Citizenship
    Learn to be faithful even in prosperity

    Tempt not the angels of your supervision…
    2. After the Noontime Meal
    David relieves Judas of the “bag”

    Arrangements for the Last Supper
    3. On the Way to the Supper
  60. The Last Supper 최후의 만찬(晩餐)
    1. The Desire for Preference
    2. Beginning the Supper
    3. Washing the Apostles’ Feet
    4. Last Words to the Betrayer
    5. Establishing the Remembrance Supper
  61. The Farewell Discourse 고별(告別) 강화(講話)
    1. The New Commandment
    “…love one another even as I have loved you.”

    2. The Vine and the Branches
    3. Enmity of the World
    “Let not your hearts be troubled.”

    “Master, show us the Father…”
    4. The Promised Helper
    5. The Spirit of Truth
    Comments on the golden rule

    6. The Necessity for Leaving
  62. Final Admonitions and Warnings 마지막 훈계와 경고
    1. Last Words of Comfort
    “I give each of you all you will receive.”

    “Let not your heart be troubled.”
    2. Farewell Personal Admonitions
  63. In Gethsemane 겟세마네에서
    1. The Last Group Prayer
    Jesus’ enlargement of the revelation of God’s name

    2. Last Hour Before the Betrayal
    Dispatching the runner to Abner

    David Zebedee’s farewell
    3. Alone in Gethsemane
    The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak
  64. The Betrayal and Arrest of Jesus 배반과 예수님의 체포
    1. The Father’s Will
    2. Judas in the City
    3. The Master’s Arrest
    4. Discussion at the Olive Press
    5. On the Way to the High Priest’s Palace
  65. Before the Sanhedrin Court 산헤드린 법정 앞에서
    1. Examination by Annas
    2. Peter in the Courtyard
    3. Before the Court of Sanhedrists
    4. The Hour of Humiliation
    A new revelation of man to God

    5. The Second Meeting of the Court
  66. The Trial Before Pilate 빌라도 앞에서 받은 재판
    1. Pontius Pilate
    2. Jesus Appears Before Pilate
    The written charges of the Sanhedrist tribunal

    3. The Private Examination by Pilate
    4. Jesus Before Herod
    5. Jesus Returns to Pilate
    6. Pilate’s Last Appeal
    The scourging of Jesus

    “Behold the man!”
    7. Pilate’s Last Interview
    8. Pilate’s Tragic Surrender
  67. Just Before the Crucifixion 십자가에 못박히기 직전
    Jesus’ family at Bethany

    1. The End of Judas Iscariot
    The thirty pieces of silver

    2. The Master’s Attitude
    “Pilate on trial before Jesus.”

    “Behold God and man!”
    3. The Dependable David Zebedee
    4. Preparation for the Crucifixion
    5. Jesus’ Death in Relation to the Passover
  68. The Crucifixion 십자가에 못박힘
    1. On the Way to Golgotha
    “Daughters of Jerusalem, weep not for me…”

    Simon from Cyrene
    2. The Crucifixion
    3. Those Who Saw the Crucifixion
    4. The Thief on the Cross
    Jesus’ charge to John

    5. Last Hour on the Cross
    6. After the Crucifixion
  69. The Time of the Tomb 무덤에 있던 시간
    Joseph and Nicodemus before Pilate

    1. The Burial of Jesus
    2. Safeguarding the Tomb
    3. During the Sabbath Day
    What did Jesus commend to the Father’s hands?

    Status of the personality of Jesus
    4. Meaning of the Death on the Cross
    5. Lessons from the Cross
  70. The Resurrection 부활
    1. The Morontia Transit 모론시아 전환
    2. The Material Body of Jesus 예수님의 물질 몸
    3. The Dispensational Resurrection 섭리시대적 부활
    Departure of the Personalized Adjuster 고유성화 조율자의 출발

    4. Discovery of the Empty Tomb 빈 무덤의 발견
    The five women 다섯 여성들

    Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene 예수께서 막달라 마리아에게 나타나심
    5. Peter and John at the Tomb 무덤에 도착한 베드로와 요한
    Second appearance — to Mary Magdalene 막달라 마리아에게 두 번째 출현하심
  71. Morontia Appearances of Jesus 예수님의 모론시아 출현
    1. Heralds of the Resurrection 부활의 전령(傳令포고)들
    2. Jesus’ Appearance at Bethany 예수님의 베다니 출현
    Appearance to his brother James 형제 야고보에게 출현

    Appearance to his earthly family 지상 가족들에게 출현
    3. At the Home of Joseph 요셉의 집에서
    4. Appearance to the Greeks 그리스인들에게 나타나심
    5. The Walk with Two Brothers 두 형제와 함께 걸으심
  72. Appearances to the Apostles and Other Leaders 사도들과 다른 지도자에게 출현
    Reactions of the individual apostles 사도 개인들의 반응들
    1. The Appearance to Peter 베드로에게 출현
    2. First Appearance to the Apostles 사도들에게 첫 출현하심
    3. With the Morontia Creatures 모론시아 창조물들과 함께
    Stages of morontia progression 모론시아 진보의 단계들

    4. The Tenth Appearance (At Philadelphia) 필라델피아에서 10번째 출현
    5. Second Appearance to the Apostles 사도들에게 두 번째 출현
    “Blessed are those in the ages to come…” “…다가오는 시대의 사람들이 복되도다.”

    6. The Alexandrian Appearance 알렉산드리아에 출현
  73. Appearances in Galilee 갈릴리에 출현
    1. Appearance by the Lake 호숫가에 출현
    “Lads, have you caught anything?” “여보시오 친구들, 무엇을 좀 잡았소?”

    2. Visiting with the Apostles Two and Two 사도들을 둘 씩 방문함
    3. On the Mount of Ordination 임명하신 산에서
    4. The Lakeside Gathering 호숫가에서 모임
  74. Final Appearances and Ascension 마지막 출현과 상승
    The sixteenth appearance (courtyard of Nicodemus) 16번째 출현(니고데모의 안뜰)

    1. The Appearance at Sychar 시카에 출현
    2. The Phoenician Appearance 페니키아에 출현
    3. Last Appearance in Jerusalem 예루살렘에서 마지막 출현
    4. Causes of Judas’s Downfall 유다 패망의 원인들
    5. The Master’s Ascension 주님의 승천(昇天)
    6. Peter Calls a Meeting 베드로가 모임을 소집하다
  75. Bestowal of the Spirit of Truth 진리의 영 증여(贈與)
    The new gospel about Jesus 예수님에 대한 새 복음
    1. The Pentecost Sermon 오순절 설교
    2. The Significance of Pentecost 오순절의 의미
    The mission of the Spirit of Truth 진리의 영의 사명

    Man’s threefold spiritual endowment 사람의 3중적 영적 증여
    The seven higher spiritual influences 더 높은 7가지 영적 영향
    3. What Happened at Pentecost 오순절에 발생한 일
    4. Beginnings of the Christian Church 기독 교회의 시작
  76. After Pentecost 오순절 이후
    Reasons for the triumph of Christianity in the Occident 서양에서 기독교가 승리한 이유들

    Early Christian compromises 초기 기독교의 타협들
    1. Influence of the Greeks 그리스인(人)들의 영향
    2. The Roman Influence 로마의 영향
    3. Under the Roman Empire 로마 제국 아래에서
    4. The European Dark Ages 유럽의 암흑기
    5. The Modern Problem 현대의 문제점
    6. Materialism 물질주의
    7. The Vulnerability of Materialism 물질주의 취약성
    8. Secular Totalitarianism 세속적 전체주의
    9. Christianity’s Problem 기독교의 문제
    10. The Future 앞 날
  77. The Faith of Jesus 예수님의 신앙
    Jesus’ living faith in God 예수님의 살아있는 하나님 신앙

    “Seek first the kingdom of heaven.” “먼저 하늘나라를 찾으라”
    “Why do you call me good?” “네가 어찌하여 나를 선하다고 일컫느냐?”
    What prayer meant to Jesus  예수님의 기도 해석
    Jesus’ childlike faith in God 어린애 같은 예수님의 하나님 신앙
    1. Jesus — The Man 예수 – 인간
    2. The Religion of Jesus 예수님의 종교
    The religion about Jesus 예수님에 대한 종교

    Religion as a personal experience 종교는 개인적 체험
    3. The Supremacy of Religion 종교의 최극위
    Fact, idea, and relation 사실, 관념 및 관계

    Reason, wisdom, and faith 이성, 지혜 및 신앙
    Thing, meaning, and value 사물, 의미 및 가치
    Unless a divine lover lived in man… 신적 사랑이 사람 안에 살고 있지 않았다면…
    Morality and religion 도덕성과 종교
    The Father is living love… 아버지는 살아있는 사랑이십니다….